What you Pay is what You Get and More!

I just got this Coby Kyros 7" from Amazon.com. There were two kinds. One with camera and one without. I got one with camera for price of one without. Nice work for me, huh. I was helping others to buy others. The manager was nice.

Opening box was great. Nice sealed and came out of box without any scratches. I turned them on, the battery was at 70% and I felt great. Without plug in, I was able to play a little. (Although it was for my daughter, 12 years old, for Christmas)

1. Navigation was great. After setting with some personal tablet for kids touch, it was ready.
2. APP store was almost same as others. Most of them were free and saw some at lower price tags.
3. HD Youtube service was fast and flawless. The sound was not like Boss system but I still can give 8 of 10.
4. Came with earbuds and charger and gave no troubles. Stereo sounded great thru earbuds.
5. Can't beat the price I got.

1. Camera's location is somewhat odd. and not much expect from 0.3 MP.
2. Rotating windows were a bit sensitive. Without moving, it was rotating byitself couple times. Deverloper should look into this and make calibration option for this too.
3. No USA supporting GPS. Don't know exactly this device will work for GPS or not, but I can't find any Google GPS or others at APP store. Lots of Chinese APPs for GPS.
4. There are home and menu button located on side of tablet...why?

I still give 4 of 5 stars because, owning only 1 day can't tell lots of other factors. I might come back later and edit this review. Do I recommend this product? If you can get it under $125, Yes. If not, No.